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Wildlife Research Field Courses

  • These one-week field camp expeditions are available for students who want to get some practical field experience in wildlife survey techniques and also how to analyse data and write up scientific reports.  For many schools, overseas expeditions in 2021 may not be possible, which leaves cohorts of students who would normally learn some of these field based survey skills on regular Opwall expeditions without the same opportunities as others in previous years or in future years when hopefully a Covid vaccine is widely available. The Opwall science teams are therefore organizing a series of one-week camps in the UK, USA, Malta, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand that will give students these opportunities in their home countries.


    • Daily participation in field techniques for monitoring wildlife.
    • Training in how to analyse a large data set and write up a scientific paper using R (the open source statistics package taught at most international universities) to produce graphs, analyse data spatially with GIS and analyse the data using various statistics techniques. Access to support from experts throughout the week to complete these tasks
    • Evening lectures from university academics and professional ecologists on wildlife management and how to develop a career in conservation.
    • The week can be used for your Work Experience and the camps are organized such that the experience should count towards Duke of Edinburgh residence requirements.
    • Many of the practical field course elements required for A level, Advanced Highers, AP, IB, NCEA or ANC courses in biology, geography and environmental science are covered by this week.
  • The Opwall staff on site will be running the camps, ensuring Covid-19 requirements are followed at all times, safeguarding and ensuring health and safety procedures are followed.  In the evenings there will be time to socialize with like-minded people from other parts of your country, but there is a full schedule of activities to ensure that every student completing the work experience goes away with skills and a renewed interest in wildlife conservation.

Field Courses Available

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