Honduras is a small country roughly the same size as England but the population is much smaller than that of England. In fact, according to 2017 estimates, it has a population of around 9 million people which is a similar size to the population of London! It is the most mountainous country in Central America, and there is a great fact that 70% of the country is at more than a 30 degree angle. Spanish is the most common language across Honduras but there is also the Garifuna language along the Caribbean coast, and English is spoken widely across the Bay Islands.

Related Locations

  • Satellite Camps

    Across Cusuco National Park there are a number of satellite camps which serve as small research camps. These camps are situated deep in the core zone of the National Park and are even more remote than Base Camp or Buenos Aires. They have a ...

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  • Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires translates as "good air" and is a friendly, remote community that Opwall have been working with since 2004. The majority of local staff that work within Cusuco as guides, cooks and porters live in Buenos Aires with their families and maintain small coffee ...

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  • Base Camp

    Base Camp is really the centre of operations whilst we are operating in Cusuco National Park. It maintains contact with all of the other research camps across the National Park and is located on the edge of the core zone of Cusuco, at approximately 1400...

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  • Tela

    Tela Bay is home to Banco Capiro, which, with a mean hard coral cover >60%, may well be the healthiest contemporary coral reef ecosystems. Legislation passed in spring 2017 has brought Banco Capiro under the protection of the AMATELA marine reserve, and students visiting this site ...

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  • Utila

    For many years, the charming island of Utila has enjoyed the reputation of being ‘the’ place to dive in the Caribbean, and in the since our project was established there in 2007 it has become the hub of marine research for Operation Wallacea. Accommodation is ...

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  • Roatan

    The Roatan Marine Park (RMP) was established as a grass-roots conservation initiative in 1988 and has grown to become one of the best examples of a marine protected area in the Caribbean. Restrictions placed on the activities allowed within the RMP have facilitated recovery of ...

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