The country of Madagascar is the fourth largest Island in the world, just off the southeastern coast of Africa. Despite its large size the country only has a population of 29 million, roughly one-third that of the UK. Madagascar has been isolated from other land masses for over 135 million years and was inhabited by humans relatively recently, both of which have contributed to what makes Madagascar so unique today. 90% of the flora and fauna found in Madagascar is endemic, meaning most of the animals and plants you see here are found nowhere else in the world! Lemurs, chameleons and baobab trees are just some of the iconic wildlife found in this wonderfully diverse and beautiful country.

Related Locations

  • Mariarano

    Mariarano camp is really the main base whilst we are operating in the Mahamavo forests, situated in the northwest of Madagascar. It is next to the small friendly village of Mariarano, hence the name, which is home to roughly 500 people. Everyone who comes to ...

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  • Matsedroy

    Matsedroy is one of two satellite camps, about a 2.5hr walk from Mariarano camp and is situated right in front of a large beautiful lake. This stunning camp site is a favourite with most who visit it, with its amazing views, opportunity for endless ...

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  • Antafiameva

    Antafiameva is the other of the two satellite camps, about a 2hr walk from Mariarano camp and is situated right between the dry forest and its associated wetlands. It is the smallest and most rustic of the camps, so has a lovely intimate feel, ...

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  • Nosy Be Marine Site

    Nosy Be is a small island off mainland Madagascar and is Madagascar's main tourist destination. Large areas of the island are covered in tropical forest, surrounded by emerald like waters and stretches of beautiful sandy beach. The marine site is situated next to Ambondrona ...

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