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Dive Doctors

Qualified dive medics (sometimes called hyperbaric doctors) exist all over the world, and we would suggest searching online or contacting local dive centres to find one in your area. Below are some published lists that may be useful for some parts of the world, and if you are unable to find a suitable option near to you please contact diving@opwall.com

Central & North America

DAN America (US and other North America)

divercertification.com (Canada)

IMCA (Central & North America)

South America

Dr Gabriel Ganme
Medicina Esportiva e Mergulho
Av. Moema, 170 – conj. 133 13º andar – Moema – Cep: 04077-020
São Paulo – SP
Tel: (11) 50511913 | 50515435 | 962212109

Dr Fernanda de Oliveira Santos
Hematologista associada à DAN
Av. Nove de Julho, 3229 – sala 312
CEP: 01407-000 – Jd. Paulista – São Paulo – SP
Telefone: +55 11 3294 – 0740 ou /+55 11- 99374 – 2823

Prof. Dr. Caio Regatieri
Avenida Indianópolis, 489 (Moema)
(11) 3777-6788

Dra. Carla Torres
Otorrinolaringologia – Medicina Hiperbárica
Rua Bolivar, 54 – sala 304 – Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro, RJ – 22061-020
(21) 2236-7936

Hiperbárica Hospitalar
Rua Real Grandeza, 115
+55 21 2222-2320

Southern Africa

DAN Southern Africa (Mostly South Africa, also see dansa.org)


Please note, if you are Australian and we’ve asked you via the portal to see a dive medic for asthma, it is reasonably unlikely you will be able to get signed off for diving. Australia has an outright ban on asthmatics diving – at the very least you will need to perform a full lung function test to prove that you do not have asthma. This means it is likely you will be snorkeling on your expedition.

South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (Pacific and some international)

IMCA (Asia-Pacific)

IMCA (India)

IMCA (Middle East and India)

Worksafe (New Zealand)

Dive New Zealand (New Zealand)

Wallace House, Old Bolingbroke, Spilsby, Lincolnshire PE23 4EX, UK
| +44 (0) 1790 763194 | info@opwall.com