Fundraising Advice

Fundraising Advice

When faced with the opportunity of a lifetime there tends to be only one major factor that holds people back……. expense! Fundraising is an integral part of any expedition and, in many ways, it may appear to be the most difficult challenge you will face. Remember though, it has been achieved by countless other volunteers and with a little bit of hard work, determination and a helping hand from us, you can do it too!

After a group has confirmed their expedition we visit to give a presentation and discuss fundraising ideas.  It is our aim to set-up an effective fundraising group.  The best way to ensure success with your fundraising is to mix individual with group fundraising, so events as well as grant applications. A full informative booklet is provided at this point – whilst it does not cover every possible fundraising avenue it does provide information on what ideas and events have worked for our groups and us in the past.  We concentrate on ideas that work with minimal lead-time and as little initial financial outlay as possible.

Throughout the pack we cover everything from writing a letter of support, who to approach regarding financial assistance and what events and ideas really do work. Through our experience, we have devised our advice around four main ways of raising the funds.

If you have any queries about fundraising please do contact our in house UK fundraising team at:

The Four Main Ways to Fundraise

  • Grants and Sponsorship
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Raffles and Prize Draws
  • Working for It
  • RoundTable

    Grants and Sponsorship

    This is probably the most lucrative area for individuals. Applying to local companies, charitable trusts, organisations and council will all hopefully have some funding available to volunteers. The nature of our expeditions means that we fulfil a lot of different funding criteria; you can fit your expedition in to applications for travel, education and career development grants to name just a few. We are always happy to offer advice on your applications, so run them past your local Opwall fundraising team before sending them off!

  • Events

    Fundraising Activities

    Likely the first thing you thought of when you read the word ‘fundraising’. This area can encompass an array of different ideas including sponsored events, bag packing, car washes, cake sales, car boot sales, gig nights, themed parties… the options are endless! We will give you an A-Z of activities to give you some inspiration and case studies of the most successful events we have seen from our students. We can also offer advice on how to plan these events, advertise them and maximise profits by seeking out free or discounted venues, entertainment and refreshments.

  • RaffleTicket

    Raffles and Prize Draw

    Raffles are massively lucrative as they have a great return and people love the chance to be a winner! Approach local companies for raffle prizes and hold your raffle alongside a big event for your friends and family to attend. UK students also have the opportunity to sell tickets for the Opwall Grand Prize Draw – we have sourced the prizes and printed the tickets for you, so all you have to do is sell! These are an easy and effective way to raise money over the course of the year – one of our 2017 students sold 800 tickets!

  • Work

    Working for it

    The most obvious way to raise money for your trip as you are guaranteed funds for the hours that you put in. We understand it can be difficult to balance a job alongside your studies, but if you do have some extra time on your hands this is a productive way to use it! Think about up a weekend job during term time, or a temporary position over the holidays. As well as actively earning money, you may also be able to utilise your work-place and colleagues to help you fundraise! If nothing else, this will definitely take the pressure off looming payments.

  • After your fundraising meeting…

    The Opwall team are here to support you throughout your fundraising journey, we are happy to come to your school to discuss fundraising ideas or hold a virtual meeting. Shortly after the fundraising meeting we will send you a link to the private Operation Wallacea fundraising pages, which are designed to provide you with all the tools you need to raise your target amount. The resources you will be provided with includes:

    • A list of grants in your region that you may be able to apply for.
    • Recording of the Opwall presentation.
    • Volunteer case studies.
    • Tips on how to develop your fundraising plan.
    • Tried and tested examples of how students have raised the money in the past.
    • A calendar of dates you can optimise for your fundraising.
    • A checklist of tasks to complete during your fundraising.
    • An example fundraising planner and tips on how to create your own.
    • A huge list of fundraising ideas from A-Z.
  • The Murray Foundation

    We have teamed up with The Murray Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1162333), a charity whose primary aim is to support young people participating in projects that advance education and develop an understanding of environmental processes. In line with this objective, the Trustees of The Murray Foundation have generously offered £5000 in funding for the support of our school groups taking part in an expedition in 2018.

    This will be divided in to five £1000 awards and distributed between five UK schools taking part in any 2018 expedition. We are delighted to be able to offer such a fantastic funding opportunity to our UK students!

    The backbone of the application process is all about fundraising and how the group have worked together to promote and raise money for their expedition. We are now accepting application from schools for our 2018 awards please see below.

  • Raffle Tickets

    Tickets for the 2017/18 Grand Prize Draw can be purchased from our online shop. These are bought at £3.50 per book of ten and can be sold on for £1 a ticket – generating a profit of £6.50 per book. The money volunteers spend on tickets is used to fund the prizes: £5000 cash, a 4 week expedition and £1000 cash!

    All completed stubs must be returned by Friday 17th August 2018 to be entered in to the draw, and unsold books can be by Friday 1st June 2018 for a full refund. The Grand Prize Draw will be held on Friday 7th September 2018.

    “What a lovely surprise to hear from Georgie at Operation Wallacea that I had won first prize in their Prize Raffle of £5000. I’ve just recently retired after reaching the age of 65 working for the last 35 years as an Ambulance Driver with the Scottish Ambulance Service and the money has come at a lovely time what with ‘dare I say it Christmas fast approaching’ as I have quite a few grandchildren and just recently my first great grandchild to go round but I think the wife and I will also manage to squeeze a nice holiday in for ourselves. Thank you very much Georgie and all at Operation Wallacea and keep up the good work that you are all doing”

    – James Kane, 1st Prize Winner (£5000) 2016/17

  • Here’s a quick, FREE and easy way of raising funds. Register your expedition as a cause with Easyfundraising and collect free donations when you, your friends and your family shop online!

    There are currently more than 3300 online retailers involved in the easyfundraising scheme, giving donations on everything from groceries, DIY and fashion to holidays and insurance. Easyfundraising also have lots of useful hints and tips on how to maximise your donation, and regularly run competitions exclusively for Opwall students. Volunteers like you have already benefited from over £1.2 million in free funding! Follow the link for more information and to register your cause today:

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