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Ecology, Impacts and Management of Global Biodiversity Lecture Series

  • This lecture series is for those students who really want to push themselves and learn about biodiversity and wildlife conservation issues at university level. The lectures have been written and delivered by Professor Martin Speight, Emeritus Fellow in Biology at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford. Professor Speight retired recently from his post as Associate Professor and Reader in the Zoology Department at Oxford. For many years, he was Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Admission Coordinator in Biological Sciences at Oxford. The key feature of these lectures is that they are based on peer reviewed, open access, publications from just the last 5 years and are therefore more up to date than most text books. This will give students very recently published examples they can use in exam answers to illustrate principles in biology, geography and environmental science.

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What do the lectures cover?


    • Species extinctions
    • Wallace line: lessons in dispersal and evolution
    • Impacts on rainforests
    • Impacts on coral reefs

    • Invasive species on the land and in the sea
    • Protected areas
    • Tourism: the good, the bad and the ugly
    • Where the land meets the sea: mangroves and seagrass

Optional Exam and Cost

  • The course can be watched at your leisure and for those who really want to see how well they are doing they can sit an online exam set at the same level as for a second year undergraduate exam and marked by Professor Speight.

    The lecture course costs £100 and if you want to see how you perform in a marked exam then that will cost an additional £30

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