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Operation Wallacea

How to gain real life experience in wildlife conservation

  • Welcome to Operation Wallacea

    Learn how biological data collected by volunteers is being used to help with wildlife conservation all over the world, and how you could get involved.

    • Contribute to cutting edge research

    • Work alongside and learn from conservationists in the field

    • Professional fundraising support available

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About Operation Wallacea

  • We’ve been running award winning biodiversity research expeditions for the last 25 years, helping volunteers around the world gain valuable experience and get their hands dirty with real biodiversity research.

    From tropical rainforests and European grasslands, to coral reefs and Mediterranean seagrass meadows, our network of over 200 researchers lead cutting edge research projects that inform conservation management strategies and save species at risk of extinction.

    The video below is the shorter version of a longer film we put together about our projects. Want to watch the full version? You can find it here.

  • Our conservation volunteer’s work has:

    • Described 59 species that are new to science

    • Been published in more than 500 academic papers in peer-review journals

    • Been used to lobby governments to create 6 Protected Areas and National Parks all over the world

    By working alongside and helping our researchers, volunteers gain experience as research assistants. University students can also gather data for their independent research projects or thesis.

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