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Visiting Academics

Operation Wallacea develops logistical support, a health and safety framework, and research infrastructure at each of our expedition sites for the duration of our summer expeditions. If you are an academic and you would like to take advantage of this support for your own research, there are two options available to you:

  • Funded Academic Collaborator

    Research that addresses the core aims of one or more of our expedition sites has the potential to be incorporated into the main Opwall programme. To be eligible, a project must allow for participation by Opwall’s student volunteers, and be achievable within the time constraints of our summer expedition season. If a suitable project can be developed, Opwall would provide funding support covering all on site costs (food, accommodation, medical and evacuation support and basic project logistics including research permits). In many cases, Opwall would also provide funding towards an international flight bursary and basic equipment needs. Any projects receiving funding from Opwall would be expected to have a clear conservation application and/or produce scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals. If you would like to discuss developing a collaboration please email academics@opwall.com.

  • Independent Visiting Academic

    In some cases, incorporating specific research into the main Opwall programme is unfeasible or unsuitable, but academics still wish to take advantage of the logistical support Opwall is able to offer. For projects that fall into this category, Opwall charges a visiting academic fee of $500 per week, which includes all food, accommodation, transport from the start point of the expedition, use of equipment (including vehicles, boats etc.), SCUBA diving where required, research permits (note: export permits may incur an additional charge), medical and evacuation insurance and support. The cost of travel to and from the start point of the expedition is not included. If you would like to find out more about this option please email academics@opwall.com.

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