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Masters Research with Opwall

  • A number of students after having completed their undergraduate research projects with Opwall would like to incorporate a similar field ecology focus for their masters. Those completing taught masters can join our summer expeditions and complete an 8 week dissertation project with us. Many of the undergraduate dissertation topics we offer can be expanded to masters level so please speak to one of our dissertation advisors about which may be best suited to your interests and course.

    Some students on the other hand prefer a hands on focus to their masters and instead choose to complete a Masters by Research. These require an extended research project that cannot be completed in a single summer field season making joining a standard Opwall expedition unsuitable. However, while many of the Opwall research sites only open temporarily for the main summer field season, others are more permanently staffed throughout the year. It may therefore be possible to complete an extended expedition at these sites suitable for a Masters by Research over the course of a 4-6 month placement. These placements can be completed for as little as £7,200, which includes all food, accommodation, field transport, guides, diving costs etc., and works out to as little as £1,200 per month. To be eligible for an extended placement, a student would need to be enrolled on a suitable masters degree at a university and have an academic supervisor supportive of a field research focus. They should then email masters@opwall.comwith a short personal statement including a clear demonstration of previous time spent working in remote locations.

    Dissertation/Senior Thesis Projects
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