Conservation Priorities

Operation Wallacea specialises in collecting complex ecological datasets over large temporal and spatial ranges. The tuition fee funded model used by Opwall means that these annual datasets can be collected indefinitely without the need for traditional grant funding. However, the implementation of large-scale conservation interventions is beyond the scope of this funding model, and so Opwall donates its extensive datasets to UK-based charity the Wallacea Trust (charity number 1078362), who develop these conservation projects and lever funds to implement them. Opwall then provides continued annual monitoring free of charge, allowing these conservation interventions to be assessed and adapted. The core ethos of Opwall and the Wallacea Trust is that conservation through economic incentives provides the best motivation for stakeholders to protect their local environment. If projects can be designed that make protecting biodiversity more financially valuable than exploiting those resources, conservation can be achieved alongside development of the local economy. To find out more about the work of the Wallacea Trust, please visit their website.

  • Saving Wallace's Forests: conservation funding through REDD+
  • Reducing fishing pressure through value added processing of Indonesian farmed seaweed
  • Carbon credits to fund Honduran cloud forest conservation
  • Restoration of the Caribbean coral reef herbivore Diadema antillarum

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