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We currently offer a number of expedition t-shirt designs, and you can find these at our Opwall shop or our two Spreadshirt stores.

The Opwall shop is at http://shop.opwall.com/
The UK/Europe store is at http://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/opwall
The US/Canada store is at http://shop.spreadshirt.com/opwall

  • Opwall Shop

    If you are ordering from the Opwall shop there are a few things you should bear in mind:

    • The T-shirts are sent via Royal Mail so are for UK based customers only
    • The T-shirts are not country specific but have a range of different animals on
    • We have sizes Small, Medium, Large in Grey
    • We have sizes XL and XXL in Green
    • All T-shirts are £10, with free shipping (UK only)


  • Spreadshirt

    If you are ordering from the spreadshirt website there are a few things you should bear in mind:

    • You can use the categories on the left hand side to select country and expedition type
    • You can change the colour of the shirts.
    • The t-shirts are darker in reality than they look on the store, so the black designs do not work well with anything other than light t-shirts.
    • The UK hoodies or vests do not have our logo on the front – the t-shirts do.
    • The US vests/tank tops do not have our logo on the front – the t-shirts and hoodies do
    • Some countries (notably South Africa, but it’s worth bearing in mind for all terrestrial sites) require dull or neutral colours if you’re planning on wearing them in the field.
    • Colour doesn’t matter on marine sites, fish aren’t as offended by bright t-shirts as elephants.
    • There are two types of t-shirt that have different colour options. One type is slightly more expensive, but is also slightly higher quality.
    • The pricing isn’t fixed in the UK/EU store due to occasional exchange rate fluctuations (Spreadshirt are based out of Germany)
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