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UK Knepp Travel Advice

Knepp Estate & United Kingdom

Travelling to and from the field course


The course attendees will meet at 5pm on the Sunday start date at the Knepp Estate, West Sussex


The course finishes at Knepp on the Saturday morning at 9am.

Students over 16 years of age can travel independently.

Travel Methods

If you are getting dropped off at Knepp directly, please email expeditions@opwall.com for directions.

If you are not getting dropped off, the easiest method of transport is to get the train. The closest main train station is Horsham. Please book your inbound train to arrive at Horsham between 5pm and 6pm on the Sunday at the beginning of your course and a member of Opwall staff will be there to meet you on arrival. Please book your outbound train to leave Horsham station between 9am and 10am on the Saturday at the end of your course.

If you are catching the train, please email expeditions@opwall.com with the times of your inbound and outbound trains so that we can make sure we are there to meet you upon arrival. Upon sending this information, you will receive an email shortly afterwards with our recommendations for taxi companies and approximate expected costs for this. Recommended taxis will take you directly from the train station to site, and back again.

Please ensure you have taken a lateral flow test on the morning of your departure and do not travel if it is positive.


For all COVID-19 information please visit this page.

Carbon Offsetting

By joining an Operation Wallacea expedition you are contributing directly towards the study and protection of threatened biodiversity, bringing significant financial benefits to small local communities, and working towards protecting valuable carbon stocks from deforestation. We are extremely proud of the impact we and our volunteers have had over the past two decades, creating a significant benefit to the environment.

However, we want to do more. Specifically, we want to make Operation Wallacea completely carbon neutral. As an organisation we offsetting our own emissions from staff travel (both road and air) and from running our offices. But we also want to encourage all our participants to offset, at the very least, the carbon emissions from their own international flights – and ideally more. To do this we will be supporting the Wallacea Reforestation Initiative in partnership with our sister charity the Wallacea Trust (UK Charity 1078362), and you can read more about this exciting project here that takes a new approach to tropical reforestation that benefits not only climate, but biodiversity and livelihoods too.

For more information on Opwall’s Carbon Offsetting click here

How to Calculate Your Donation Amount

Once booked and we’ve received your flight details, you’ll receive an email from us with a recommended donation amount, where we take the exact flight routes you’ve booked on to for your expedition, and run them through the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) carbon calculator. This calculator can be found here and the method used is found here. This gives us the total estimated amount of carbon your flights will emit into the atmosphere, and we assign a value of $10 USD (or £7.69 GBP) per ton of carbon. We only used the flights that we’re aware of, so if you have any more you may want to up the donation!

To calculate your carbon footprint you can use one of the many carbon calculators on line such as My Climate, Treedom, International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge and many others. If you’re happy with an estimate, a £15 donation will cover the carbon produced by the flights in more than 95% of cases.

To donate, click the button below.

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