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Covid-19 FAQ

Please note, all terms and conditions links on this page are for Research Assistant and Dissertation Expeditions. If you are a school student, parent or teacher, please either see your terms and conditions at https://portal.opwall.com, contact your group leader, or contact us at info@opwall.com for a copy.

How will Covid-19 impact my 2023 expedition?

Whilst restrictions related to Covid 19 are lessening globally, the exact measures that will be necessary at each of our expedition locations due to Covid-19 are subject to change based on local authority and governmental advice. We are however fully committed to running every expedition. We’ll be in contact with you in the months leading up to the expedition, and paying very close attention to the situation on the ground, including working with the most up to date advice.

It is vital that you take out appropriate travel insurance for your expedition and vaccination or testing may be required as an entry requirement to some countries or transit locations.

What happens if I cannot travel to my expedition location because of Covid-19 restrictions?

We will work with you to provide a transfer to another Opwall expedition in a different country, or transfer forward to the following year. Please see section 4 of our terms and conditions for more details.

What happens if I want to cancel my expedition rather than change location or to another year?

Our standard terms and conditions will apply, including the cancellation fees dependant on your start date. Please see section 4 of our terms and conditions for more details.

Can I change my location or start dates?

Our standard policy for changing start dates and expeditions is that you can do so freely up until the 1st of April, and this policy remains in place unless in exceptional circumstances. Please see section 4 of our terms and conditions for more details.

What happens if Operation Wallacea cancels my expedition?

It is very unlikely that we will outright cancel an expedition, but if this is the case we will contact you as soon as possible and offer a free transfer to another start date or expedition country.

What happens if I'm on an expedition and the country closes it's borders, or if there's a local lockdown?

If there is a lockdown while you’re on site, we will discuss with both you, the local authorities and consulates the best approach to take. This may be returning home (if feasible) or we will continue to be able to provide food, accommodation and in-country support to ensure that you stay safe and well looked after.

What happens if there is a Covid-19 outbreak within the expedition?

We will continue our extensive additional health, safety and hygiene requirements within all of our expeditions. This will include, when required, social distancing measures and isolation areas for those that are ill.

If someone is diagnosed with Covid-19, we will act to contact both local and international health authorities, and your own insurer, and make sure to follow suitable advice. As with any medical issue we will ensure that you have everything you need during that time.

What if travel becomes restricted to my destination?

It is your responsibility to get to the expedition start point, including complying with international travel rule and any quarantines that might apply. There are differing travel rules all around the world which depend on your destination and country of origin so it is important that you are familiar with these when deciding which country to go to. If the travel restrictions for a given destination are such that you are not confident that you can join the expedition you can transfer to another destination, or to another year, up to the first of April with no charge. If the travel restrictions to your destination change after 1st April then in certain circumstances you will also be able to transfer with no charge. Please see section 4 of our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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