Students based at the Hoga Island Marine Station will be living on an idyllic tropical island surrounded by white sandy beaches and pristine coral reefs. Traditionally-built wooden houses serve as accommodation on the island and are complete with their own bathroom (mandi-style, with squat toilet and bucket shower) and private balcony. There are a series of separate buildings within stunning surroundings including a large, open-air dining area with bar and small shop, data analysis lab facilities, and a lecture theatre where the Indo-Pacific coral reef ecology course is delivered and regular scientific talks are presented. There is a fully operational dive centre where all of the in-water activities begin and the rental of dive equipment is arranged for all those on expedition. There is also a dive training classroom for open water students to complete the theory section of their course. The base also has a medic and medical clinic that is stocked with a large range of medical supplies and equipment.

Hoga Island Marine Station is a sub location to Indonesia

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