Madagascar Resources

MA39 – Spatial behavioural ecology of the Malagasy giant hognose snake
MA40 – Ecology of amphibians in Mahamavo
MA41 – Colour variability and the ecological use of colour in the chameleons and geckos of Mahamavo
MA42 – Microhabitats and niche partitioning in chameleons, skinks, geckos or snakes in Mahamavo
MA43 – Niche separation and the impacts of disturbance on bird communities in Mahamavo
MA44 – Acoustic techniques for monitoring forest birds
MA45 – Demography and spatial ecology of the endangered Coquerel’s sifaka (Propithecus coquereli)
MA46 – Regional biogeography, ecology and behaviour of nocturnal lemurs in the dry deciduous forest of Mahamavo
MA47 – Species distribution modelling in Madagascar
MA48 – Landscape ecology in Madagascar
MA49 – Community ecology in Madagascar
MA50 – Ecology of leaf litter ants
MA51 – Occupancy modelling for nocturnal lemurs, carnivores, bush pigs and introduced species with camera traps in Madagascar
MA52 – Monitoring bat populations in Madagascar using acoustic methods
MA53 – Tree biodiversity and ecosystem function
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