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It is vitally important that all our participants purchase comprehensive travel insurance for their expeditions.

Why is having travel insurance important?
Whilst you hopefully won’t have to make a claim, travel insurance is there to protect you in the event that something goes wrong – it will cover you for medical costs should you need treatment abroad; cancellation charges if you fall ill and it can provide some compensation if your possessions are stolen.

What should a travel insurance policy cover?
When it comes to looking for insurance, we would recommend looking into comparison sites to get the best deals initially. Often these sites will have you answer a questionnaire to ensure that you are searching for suitable cover for your particular trip.

We recommend sourcing a comprehensive policy, which cover medical expenses and repatriation, delays or cancellations to your international travel, lost luggage, and if you are planning on bringing something like a camera or other expensive equipment loss or damage to personal belongings. If you are joining an expedition which includes a marine week, you will also need to be covered for Scuba Diving.

Once you have taken out your insurance policy, please upload the details for these onto your portal. (


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