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Conservation research is an exciting and important career that can take you all over the world! In this article we’re going to discuss some of important steps on the path to getting involved with conservation research.

Online training courses are a great way to enhance your skillset and figure out what you enjoy doing something like the Nat Geo Conservation Course or an Operation Wallacea’s Online Work Experience Internship helps you get skills that will earn you volunteering positions or jobs in the future.

Operation Wallacea’s Field Courses are designed to give participants practical field experience in wildlife survey techniques, analysis of data and how to write up scientific reports. In addition they give exposure to professional scientists, field biologists, film makers etc that have mad careers in wildlife conservation or climate change, so the students can see the career opportunities available.

Volunteering and contributing to community science projects is a simple and easy way to get involved with conservation research early on. Think about which skills you can offer to conservation research organisations and then reach out to offer support! For example, Bird Track – is the British Trust for Ornithology’s app to record & track sightings of birds to aid conservation efforts. iNaturalist is another citizen science app that you can use to record the species which you find in the wild. You can also interact with other people just as passionate about conservation as you are!

Operation Wallacea’s International Expeditions have helped lots of volunteers to strengthen their CV, gain course credit, or collect data for a dissertation or thesis, and gain field experience working alongside real research projects and a range of academic teams.

Check out our blog post on “How to help with conservation efforts” for more ideas of how to help!


Careers in Conservation Webinars

Careers in Conservation  is a free webinar giving you a comprehensive guide on the many different routes into a career in wildlife conservation and the jobs available in the sector

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