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Dr. Nick Askew is the Founder and Director of Conservation Careers, one of the biggest advice centres and job boards for conservationists in the world. Nick started his career as an ornithologist and his PhD and dissertation focused on the behavioural ecology of barn owls. He then went on to work in a number of conservation fieldwork and communications roles before founding Conservation Careers. Since launch, Conservation Careers has provided advice to 630 000 conservationists in 178 countries to help them find work and make an impact for the planet. In this episode, we discuss how the conservation field has changed since he started Conservation Careers, what conservation employers and employees should understand about each other, and what skills are in high demand in the conservation industry today.

If you are thinking about starting a career in conservation at any stage of your life, this episode is for you. Listen here!

Conservation Careers website: https://www.conservation-careers.com/

Conservation Careers podcast: https://www.conservation-careers.com/podcast/

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Nick’s background
  • [2.58] What inspired Nick to start a career in conservation?
  • [9.14] What does Conservation Careers do?
  • [11.23] What is causing the disconnect between people looking for conservation jobs and the number of positions available?
  • [15.34] Are there emerging examples of other industries that conservation organizations are/should be partnering with to increase impact?
  • [21.51] How has the conservation industry changed over time and how is it continuing to change?
  • [25.13] Are there particular skills or experiences that are currently in high demand in the conservation industry?
  • [28.59] Are there particular roles or types of positions that have been particularly challenging to fill? Additionally, has the ripple effect from the pandemic impacted the ability for organizations to recruit and retain staff?
  • [33.24] What should employers know about job seekers, and vice versa, to improve outcomes for both parties?
  • [37.35] What advice do you have for someone trying to break into the field of conservation, either as a career changer or entry-level?
  • [42.08] How can conservation as an industry encourage diversity in the sector?
  • [45.18] What keeps Nick fighting to protect biodiversity?
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