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Manuel Sanchez is an ornithologist and science communicator from Southern Ecuador who fell in love with birds exploring the natural spaces around his home. Today, he is focused on using rapid biodiversity assessments to mobilize politicians and local people toward protecting threatened habitats and species. Manuel strongly believes that in conservation, gathering data is only half the work; your impact comes from how you communicate it.

He answers the question: How can you use biodiversity data to convince governments to create new protected areas? Listen here!

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Manuel’s background
  • [2.28] Where is Manuel originally from?
  • [3.11] What came first, a love of birds or science?
  • [4.34] How did Manuel end up studying in Scotland?
  • [11.17] What work is Manuel most excited about currently?
  • [14.53] How sound recordings can help us learn more about an ecosystem and what bird biodiversity can tell us about ecosystem health
  • [19.35] How do you pick apart which animal is calling at which time?
  • [23.33] What is the purpose of a rapid assessment of biodiversity?
  • [27.00] The major threats to wild areas and biodiversity in Ecuador
  • [31.27] How does Manuel train local communities to identify birds so quickly and what is the purpose of this training?
  • [35.20] Manuel’s favourite place for research
  • [38.32] The craziest thing Manuel has experienced in the field
  • [40.44] Manuel’s advice for someone starting a career in conservation
  • [44.16] What keeps Manuel fighting to protect biodiversity?
  • [46.42] Where to follow Manuel’s work
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