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Joe Wayman

Disentangling the synergistic effects of anthropogenic drivers on biodiveristy: a holistic approach to global environmental change research

Completed at Birmingham University

Interest: Community Ecology

Anthropogenic drivers (habitat change, climate change, human pressure, invasive species etc.) have been shown to affect and alter species diversity, community composition, extinction risk and different trophic levels in multiple taxa across varying spatial and temporal scales. However, the interaction of these drivers is little studied across regional and global scales at long enough time scales to fully understand their combined effects. If these effects are synergistic (as opposed to antagonistic) then current conservation and management practices may not be effective enough to achieve the goals that they originally intended and may even be ineffective. My PhD will utilise long term datasets to assess the synergistic effects of multiple anthropogenic drivers in differing habitats, biomes and taxa at the global scale to further elucidate these interactions and their effects on biodiversity to help fill this knowledge gap and provide more information to policy makers and management schemes.

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