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Matija Drakulic

Croatia Country Manager / Balkan and Iceland Sale Office Manager

Matija was born in Zagreb – Croatia. He graduated from the University of Akureyri in Iceland with a Masters in Coastal and Marine Management. His first contact with Operation Wallacea was when he was acting as a leading marine scientist in 2014 Greece expedition and now he is running the Croatia expedition. At the moment he is also a director of marine Ngo ‘Deep Blue Explorers’ in Croatia that focuses on interdisciplinary scientific research and conservation. His goal is to further understand management techniques through ecosystem approach and biodiversity monitoring and to learn how to effectively manage natural environments and their resources in a sustainable way. Since Matija lives on the island in Adriatic sea and is well trained free-diver and Scuba diver he is spending as much time possible underwater so he will contact you back as soon as he surfaces.

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