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Joana Dinis

Iberian Office Administrator

Joana graduated in International Marketing and Tourism Management in 1996 and discovered her passion for traveling when she began working as a retail travel agent in Portugal. Her enthusiasm and her keen interest in history made her a sole traveler visiting all the historical sites she loved in Egypt, Mexico, Peru, England, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Tunisia and Morocco.
As traveling during her holidays was not enough adventure she decided to move and try out a job in the Business Travel Industry in Barcelona where she spent 5 years and had the opportunity to learn a new language and live in a multi-cultural city.

She is always looking for ways to make her dreams come true and that’s why she does weekly volunteer work at a dog shelter (where she ended up rescuing her dog) and volunteers on her holidays as well.
Joining Opwall was another challenge for her and the opportunity to work with three important pillars in her life: travel, nature and animals.

Joana will be assisting our Iberian schools as an administrator using her travel agent skills and sales background to help students, teachers and volunteers organize their expeditions and get the most out of their experience.

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