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Indonesia – Wallacea Travel Advice (Universities)


Please read each of the sections below carefully. They provide important information about your Operation Wallacea expedition in Indonesia. Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Operation Wallacea office.

Travelling to and from the expedition

Before confirming your flights please email flights@opwall.com to ensure your flights are correct.


Marine & terrestrial expeditions start in the North Buton Town of Ereke on a Sunday at 1500hrs. For travelling to these projects you need to book your flights to either Jakarta or Makassar in order to arrive on the Saturday by no later than 0900hrs (for Jakarta arrivals) or 1300hrs (for Makassar arrivals). Your Internal Travel package will then book you through to the provincial capital of Kendari that same afternoon prior to travelling by boat to your expedition start point (Ereke) on the Sunday.

For those joining a marine only expedition on Hoga Island, the expeditions start on a Sunday at 0700hrs in Wanci (main town in the Wakatobi Archipelago), you will need to book your international flights to Makassar to arrive anytime on the Friday, where you will overnight prior to flying to Wanci the next day.


The marine & terrestrial expeditions finish at the Wakatobi Airport on the Saturday at 0500hrs so please book your onward flights from Makassar from 1800hrs onwards or from Jakarta from 2000hrs onwards on the Saturday that your expedition ends.
For those joining a marine only expedition on Hoga Island, the expeditions start on a Sunday at 0700hrs in Wanci (main town in the Wakatobi Archipelago), you will need to book your international flights to Jakarta or Makassar to arrive anytime on the Friday, where you will overnight prior to flying to Wanci the next day.

Internal Travel

Students and volunteers whose expedition commences at the Hoga Island Marine Station will overnight in Jakarta or Makassar on Friday night, fly to Wakatobi on Saturday (2 or 3 flights), then overnight again in the town of Wanci before travelling by boat to Hoga Island (2 hours) on Sunday morning.
For RA volunteers whose expedition commences at the Forest Camp, participants will generally spend one night in a hotel in Jakarta on the Friday night, then fly to the city of Kendari on Saturday afternoon where they will overnight, before travelling by boat to the town of Ereke on Sunday, and trekking into the forest camp that afternoon. If they fly into Makassar on the Saturday morning, they will fly straight on to Kendari that evening, and overnight there before travelling by boat to the town of Ereke on Sunday, and trekking into the forest camp that afternoon.

Additional Nights

As part of the internal travel package it is possible to arrange additional nights in Makassar before and after your expedition, and the relevant airport transfers. However, this will be at an additional cost – please contact us for more details.

Booking International Flights

Please ensure when booking your international flights that the cost of your ticket includes hold luggage.

Research Assistants and Dissertation/Thesis Students

Before booking your international flights, please consider the number of days you will be staying in Indonesia. If you are doing a 4 week expedition (28 days), or doing a 2 week expedition but planning on travelling within Indonesia outside of the expedition, it is worth ensuring that you book flights that keep your time in Indonesia to within 30 days, as this will most likely avoid you having to pay visa fees (please see Visa section below). 

If you are a student from anywhere other than the US or Canada, when you book an expedition with us you can opt to be contacted by our preferred travel partner Travel Nation, who will provide you with competitive quotes for your international flights.

Travel Nation
Tel: 01273 947 313
E-mail: opwallvolunteers@travelnation.co.uk
International Contact: +44 (0) 1273 947 313


If you are a Canadian student and would like to have your flights booked for you by the Canadian Office – canada@opwall.com. If you would prefer to book your flights independently, please be ensure these flights fall into our arrival and departure recommendations detailed above.


If you are a student in the USA, we recommend Student Universe for your flights as they give discounts to students. You are welcome to book your flights elsewhere, however our partnership means that they generally provide the best price, are familiar with our expeditions and give excellent service.

Student Universe
Tel: +1 800 272 9676 (Toll-free within the US and Canada)

Once you have booked your international flights, please enter the details on the Opwall portal.


Please be aware that your passport must have at least 6 months validity (period before expiry) from the date of your departure from Indonesia. Failure to have at least 6 months validity on your passport will ensure denial of entry into Indonesia.


Most nationalities must purchase a 30 day Visa on Arrival (VOA) for a cost of IDR 500,000 (Approx.£32 OR $40) at airport on arrival. Please make sure to have enough as exchange rates fluctuate regularly and coins are not accepted.

Anyone staying more than 30 days in Indonesia must arrange a Social Visit Visa (60 days) Cost is Approx £125 (applied for in advance through embassy) plus £125 for a 30-day extension in country for anyone needing to extend visa to 90 days. Opwall Indonesia field office will provide sponsor letter to apply for this type of visa. Overstaying this Visa is a fine of 1 million rupiah a day. Please email indonesia@opwall.com if you have any questions regarding your Visa.


For all COVID-19 information please visit this page.

Carbon Offsetting

By joining an Operation Wallacea expedition you are contributing directly towards the study and protection of threatened biodiversity, bringing significant financial benefits to small local communities, and working towards protecting valuable carbon stocks from deforestation. We are extremely proud of the impact we and our volunteers have had over the past two decades, creating a significant benefit to the environment.

However, we want to do more. Specifically, we want to make Operation Wallacea completely carbon neutral. As an organisation we offsetting our own emissions from staff travel (both road and air) and from running our offices. But we also want to encourage all our participants to offset, at the very least, the carbon emissions from their own international flights – and ideally more. To do this we will be supporting the Wallacea Reforestation Initiative in partnership with our sister charity the Wallacea Trust (UK Charity 1078362), and you can read more about this exciting project here that takes a new approach to tropical reforestation that benefits not only climate, but biodiversity and livelihoods too.

How to Calculate Your Donation Amount

Once booked and we’ve received your flight details, you’ll receive an email from us with a recommended donation amount, where we take the exact flight routes you’ve booked on to for your expedition, and run them through the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) carbon calculator. This calculator can be found here and the method used is found here. This gives us the total estimated amout of carbon your flights will emit into the atmosphere, and we assign a value of $10 USD (or £7.69 GBP) per ton of carbon. We only used the flights that we’re aware of, so if you have any more you may want to up the donation!

If you’ve not yet the email and wanted to donate the exact amount, email carbon@opwall.com and we can let you know. If you’re happy with an estimate, a £15 donation will cover the carbon produced by the flights in more than 95% of cases.

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