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Students joining the rapid biodiversity assessment team will be trekking into the forest in Langkumbe Valley as part of a small team of guides, field biologists and volunteers. There is an established, though very basic, base camp for this expedition. The volunteers will assist with setting up and running of the camp, which will include basic washing facilities, river showers and trench toilets, as well as hammocks and mosquito nets. This is true jungle living! The volunteers will also assist in cutting and marking the transects where they will survey for herpetofauna, megafauna, birds, butterflies and bats. The survey team will trek to as many habitat types as possible within the survey area of each location. Students joining this programme must be prepared for last minute changes to locations or plans, as the purpose of this expedition is to explore new areas, so often there are interesting findings that require plans to change. Feedback from this expedition has been excellent in previous years, as it carries a real sense of adventure and excitement!

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