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    Bay Islands

    • The Roatan Marine Park is considered one of the best examples of community-based conservation management in the Caribbean, and is home to abundant fish and turtle populations
    • Conservation Initiatives are focused on restoring populations of a keystone sea urchin species, and managing threats from the invasive lionfish
    • Although they they are a Spanish speaking country, English is actually the main language
    • Schools' Booklet

      2 weeks

      Bay Islands, Honduras, Roatan & Utila

    2023, 2024 & 2025


    Indonesia – Coral Triangle

    • In the centre of the Coral Triangle - the world's most biodiverse reefs
    • Most published research site in the Coral Triangle
    • Most developed Opwall site for conservation interventions with seaweed projects
    • Schools' Booklet

      2 weeks

      Indonesia, Pantai Nirwana (Bau Bau) & Hoga Island Marine Station

    2023, 2024 & 2025

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