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Sodwana Bay has many calls to fame – from the UNESCO recognized protected reefs to the variety of cultures that have amalgamated into a unique blend found only in Sodwana. On the beach, you will find a shop run by Peet, where locals chat about their morning dives, their boats, and catch up with each other over a plate of fries and the signature One Bar Milkshake.
Now, the fries here are truly special , but the reason why depends from person to person. Some say it’s the perfect amount of carbohydrates and warmth to restore any cold diver. Others argue that it’s not the sheer quantity of fries, but the warmth of the community, from Peet’s grinning suggestions to his granddaughter helping to hand out milkshakes that bring a smile to each customer.
I’d wager that while all of these factors play a role in this show, it’s the flavors of the fries that take the lead. Firstly, the fries are actual wedges, adding more substance to each bite. Secondly, the spicy powder on each fry layers international flavors with local ingredients to cater to the shops variety of customers.
This shop is an example of what makes Sodwana Bay so special – a balance of community, culture, and of course, excellent food.
– Leena Wahaj

Photo by Toby Farman


Arriving in Durban. Seeing the smiles. Feeling welcome and excited for new adventures.

These are the very emotions one feels first landing in South Africa.

It seems to be that anywhere you go, no matter the cultural, linguistic, or social barriers that may exist, South Africans are ready to give a quick smile or friendly gesture.

Barriers are not meant to separate people. Barriers are meant to give people a challenge, something to climb over and work for. Something to be proud of once we’ve traversed those tough grounds.

In many cultures, a smile or friendly greeting is sometimes seen as an extra effort to be put in to situations. Here in Sodwana, though, a smile seems to be the basis of interactions – whether that be when asking for directions, trying to cross linguistic barriers, or chatting with the DM or skipper about everything that happened during a dive.

Miles & Smiles – once a common slogan for airline miles programmes, now a metaphor for something greater.

Miles & Smiles – the willingness to traverse the world to learn something new, to share a funny moment with a complete stranger. The desire to cross barriers, soaring high with the help of the universal smile.

Live, laugh, love – and smile!

– Pepe Pyykkö

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