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Introducing Rachel Daniels!

One of the staff members in Peru for the March expeditions 2016, Rachel was the Peru Country manager for 3 years and is now the Madagascar Country Manager.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better 5 years working with Operation Wallacea, the experiences and skills I have gained have been invaluable. My first real hands on field research was after I finished my MSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Sheffield, working for 3 months in the rainforests of Panama with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. This gave me the experience I needed to get my foot in the door with Operation Wallacea and I was fortunate enough to join the Opwall fundraising team.


I love the variety working with Opwall offers, since working with them I have had the opportunity to work on the small island of Buton (Indonesia), and have managed the Peru project based deep in the Amazon rainforest. When I am based in the UK office I get to go around visiting schools and universities inspiring young people on how they can raise the money to join one of our projects.


If someone said to me when I was younger that I would get the opportunity to do wildlife conservation and research around the world, living in the rainforest working with amazing wildlife such as river dolphins, macaws, caiman, bear cuscus, macaques and much much more it would be a dream come true-well thanks to Opwall it has happened!!”

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