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Back in November we held our photo competition and we’re really happy to announce the winners! It was a hard fought battle but these are our winners as chosen by Dr Erica McAlister. We also asked her to make a short comment about each.

1st – Royal Flycatcher by Anna David, Mexico Expedition.

“This very much represents Operation Wallacea. You have a magnificent animal (the plumage is amazing) being held by a researcher. And it looks as angry as every bird i have seen in this position!”


2nd – Sunset over Marathi by Jennifer Linton, Greece Expedition

“A very arresting image that captures the forceful nature of the sea”

3rd – Malachite by Quinn Parker, Madagascar Expedition

“A beautifully poised image of a very iconic species. A deadly hunter waiting to strike!”

Our staff pick was Cloud Forest by Emily Sheraton, Honduras Expedition. That was a hard fought battle but Emily just managed to get the votes in the end. Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to Erica for being our judge!

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