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Staff Spotlight Saturdays!

Introducing José António Nóbrega (Jotó) who came away with us on the México expedition 2014/2015/2016 and this year!

“As a Portuguese biologist passionate about biodiversity, environment and conservation, I am always looking for a new challenge. During my academic career, I have worked along several national and international conservation programs that allowed me to develop growing interest in Research, Herpetology and Conservation Biology. For my master’s thesis, I was able to develop pioneer research on crocodilian biology in the Amazon Basin by combining nesting ecology, dietary analysis and physiology of nesting females of Amazonian caimans. I became aware of Operation Wallacea’s conservation efforts within a few months after my Master’s degree after reading about the Peruvian caiman research program and I ended up joining the Mexico expedition. There, I was able to participate in different types of surveys that allowed me to lose myself in the high diversity of both fauna and flora. It was wonderful! My major roles on site were conducting herpetological surveys and raising smiles from students and other staff members. My conversational Spanish skills allowed me to interact with all field guides and assistants, which provided me a new vision of their homeland and costumes. It was indeed a wonderful experience, which I recommend under the category of MUST DO!

I am currently conducting some herpetological surveys in Portugal, doing some volunteer work, preparing my Ph.D and looking forward to return to México this summer to continue the herpetological surveys and to conduct a pilot study with crocodiles. What about you? What are you waiting for?”

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