Mo Johnson has run Opwall’s sales offices in SE Asia, Australia, and China since 2013, and runs our marine research site on Buton Island in Indonesia. Mo lives full time in Indonesia where Opwall has been running a reforestation project since the beginning of the pandemic.

In this special episode, Mo updates us on the progress of the reforestation project, what the current situation is on the ground in Indonesia, and how anyone can help the conservation cause from home by making tiny changes in their daily lives.

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Mo’s background
  • [1.56] Why Mo moved to Indonesia
  • [3.04] Involvement with Operation Wallacea
  • [4.41] What inspired Mo to become a scientist
  • [6.05] The impact of Covid-19 on Indonesian communities
  • [9.30] A glimpse into the reforestation project in Indonesia
  • [13.27] What Mo would like people to know about the reforestation project
  • [16.33] Interesting stories from the first few weeks of tree planting
  • [20.25] Different ways to live more sustainably
  • [23.24] Some of Mo’s exciting experiences out in the field
  • [26.54] What keeps Mo fighting to protect biodiversity?
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