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Alex is the Director or Operations at Operation Wallacea. Alex first started working with Operation Wallacea in the summer of 2004, when he volunteered to work in a baking hot office in a dusty Honduran town for 3 months in the name of conservation. He has been addicted to Opwall ever-since, and is now involved in setting up and running the projects at each site. He has an MSc (distinction) in Psychology from Nottingham University, has professional qualifications in Occupational Testing, is an Emergency First Response Instructor, holds a C-permit bird ringing license and speaks bad South American Spanish with heavy english overtones. Alex is also the Vice Chairman of the EPA (Expedition Providers’ Association) – a membership organisation who establish and set the standards for best practice in the overseas expeditions industry.

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Alex’s background
  • [2.41] Alex’s role at Opwall & his inspiration to work in conservation
  • [5.32] Memorable moments from the field
  • [8.06] Why Opwall has launched a reforestation initiative
  • [13.01] An introduction to the reforestation site in Indonesia
  • [14.39] How to get involved with the reforestation project
  • [16.48] Alex gives a crash course on carbon credits
  • [20.31] How companies and countries off-set carbon
  • [22.34] How is Opwall innovating on the traditional carbon credit model?
  • [27.16] How to calculate how much carbon is in an environment
  • [29.55] How could a community measure and register a local forest for carbon credits?
  • [33.32] How carbon credits monetize natural resources in a useful way
  • [36.10] When should you be skeptical of tree planting initiatives?
  • [40.24] What motivates Alex to keep fighting to protect biodiversity?
  • [43.34] What is Alex looking forward to for the next field season?
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