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Katie is Opwall’s Environment Officer as well as being on our Fundraising Team. Katie graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2015 with a BSc in Marine Environmental Science and after travelling for a while, she went back to university to study an MSc in Coastal and Marine Resource Management. She joined Opwall in April 2018 as a member of the fundraising team. After a season in Indonesia, Katie now manages our newest project in Borneo.

In this episode, we discuss how to be kinder to the environment this holiday season. Listen here!

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Katie’s background
  • [2.46] What inspired you to become a scientist and work in conservation?
  • [4.32] Why did you want to work at Opwall and what are your roles there today?
  • [8.07] A background of how Katie’s Environmental Officer role came to be
  • [10.06] What is your favourite green holiday tradition?
  • [12.04] Katie’s tips for reducing waste over the holidays
  • [15.45] What kind of experiences can be given as gifts as opposed to material possessions?
  • [19.36] Do individual actions really make a difference in decreasing holiday waste?
  • [21.30] What is one small change that you’ve committed to recently (or plan to for the new year) to live more sustainability and reduce waste?
  • [24.00] How can people effectively and sensitively address controversial topics with friends and family this holiday season?
  • [26.40] What keeps Katie fighting to protect biodiversity?
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