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Ellie Field is Opwall’s Rewilding Lead and International Sales Manager. She spent much of her time during the Covid-19 pandemic learning about efforts to improve agriculture in the UK and rejuvenate biodiversity.

Ellie first joined Opwall as a volunteer in South Africa, then went on to complete a master’s in biodiversity and conservation with African ecology before joining us full-time to run our Madagascar site in 2017.

In this episode, we discuss why nature is so depleted in the UK, what can be done to help biodiversity without threatening food security, and how individuals can support a shift towards regenerative agriculture. Listen here!

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Ellie’s background
  • [2.14] Ellie’s introduction to Opwall and her current role
  • [4.42] What inspired you to become a scientist?
  • [6.15] Why has the UK lost so much biodiversity?
  • [8.16] The impact of agriculture on biodiversity in the UK
  • [10.51] What can we do to rejuvenate nature depleted areas and what could happen if we don’t?
  • [14.04] How could farmers utilize marginal land to enhance biodiversity?
  • [17.09] What incentives exist to encourage farmers to improve biodiversity on their land?
  • [21.46] What can individuals do to promote regenerative agriculture?
  • [25.17] Can the regenerative agricultural plans that are pending in the UK be mimicked elsewhere?
  • [28.47] What keeps Ellie fighting for biodiversity?
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