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Joe England is a British ornithologist who has worked with Opwall in Fiji since the site was established in 2017. He is deeply passionate about living a life aligned with protecting and loving the natural world, which shines through in all his work, and especially with birds. Joe has spent several years studying the behavior of the elusive Natewa Silktail, which lives only on the Natewa Peninsula, and is eager to return when the pandemic abates.

He answers the question: How do you live a life committed to protecting biodiversity a little more every day?  Listen here!

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Joe’s background
  • [3.18] What were the main goals in mind when setting up the Opwall Fiji site in 2017?
  • [5.28] The endemic birds of the Natewa Peninsula and why they’re important
  • [11.07] An introduction to the Natewa silktail
  • [16.57] What sparked Joe’s passion for birds and conservation?
  • [20.07] Opwall’s collaboration with local communities in Fiji and how it links to conservation goals
  • [25.15] Current conservation challenges in Fiji
  • [31.51] The surprises, joys, and challenges of working in Fiji
  • [37.46] Joe’s advice for someone wanting to start a career in conservation
  • [42.14] The craziest thing that Joe has seen out in the field
  • [47.20] What keeps Joe fighting for biodiversity?
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