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Sara Carlson moved to Fiji with her partner Matthew five years ago and has lived on the Natewa Peninsula ever since, including through the whole pandemic. Prior to the move, Sara helped jumpstart Opwall’s US office, and ran projects in Mexico, Indonesia, Honduras, and Greece. She has always been passionate about the ocean and today works tirelessly for marine conservation and research in Fiji.

In this episode, Sara answers the question: Why is Fiji such an important site for global marine conservation? Listen here!

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Sara’s background
  • [2.20] What made Sara decide to move to Fiji?
  • [3.31] How did Sara first get involved in Opwall and how has her role evolved since then?
  • [7.20] An introduction to Ocean Ventures Fiji
  • [8.57] How long has Opwall been in Fiji and what are we trying to accomplish?
  • [11.54] Why study Fiji’s reefs?
  • [14.36] What is the local fishing situation like in terms of methods and management?
  • [17.24] How does land ownership work in Fiji and why is it important?
  • [20.52] The challenges, surprises, and benefits of working on a remote peninsula in Fiji
  • [26.56] The impact of Covid-19 and the lack of tourism in Fiji
  • [28.53] The case for climate change in Fiji
  • [31.31] How can people live more sustainably from home?
  • [34.30] What is the craziest thing Sara has seen out in the field?
  • [36.58] A description of where Ocean Ventures Fiji is situated
  • [39.45] What keeps Sara fighting for biodiversity?
  • [42.00] Where to learn more about Ocean Ventures Fiji
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