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Toby Farman is Opwall’s Systems Manager and the Country Manager for our Romania expeditions. Toby originally studied biotechnology, but an Opwall trip in 2007 sparked his passion for travel. After graduating, Toby traveled the world for 2 years with nothing more than a backpack. Rather than settle down upon his return, Toby began working for Opwall and went on to manage projects in Mozambique, South Africa, and now Transylvania.

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Toby’s background
  • [2.29] How Toby got involved with Opwall
  • [6.20] Some lessons from Toby’s world travels
  • [8.58] Toby explains the transition from managing the South Africa project to the Transylvania project
  • [10.01] An introduction to the Transylvania expedition and the research being done there
  • [17.08] Why are the traditional agricultural practices of Transylvania so good for biodiversity?
  • [22.12] The bears of Transylvania
  • [24.48] What lessons can other countries learn from Transylvania about increasing biodiversity or protecting wildlife?
    [26.41] Toby’s favourite part about working in the field
  • [28.36] Some of the challenges of field work
  • [30.32] What is the craziest thing Toby has seen in the field?
  • [32.45] Toby’s advice for someone starting a career in conservation
  • [34.06] What keeps Toby fighting to protect biodiversity?
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