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Dr. Raquel Thomas is the Director of Resource Management and Training at Iwokrama, where she helps organize policy and practice around the sustainable management of the one million hectare reserve.

In this episode, Raquel explains how she partners with businesses, government, and local communities to develop economic development plans based on sustainable management of the forest. She answers the question: How do you use forest but not lose forest? Listen here!

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Episode Outline: 

  • [0.43] Raquel’s background
  • [2.32] Raquel’s inspiration to become a scientist
  • [4.18] A brief introduction to Raquel’s PhD work
  • [8.02] An introduction to Iwokrama Forest and how Raquel started working there
  • [11.55] What does Raquel’s role at Iwokrama entail?
  • [13.52] Iwokrama’s relationship with Opwall
  • [18.00] Raquel’s lessons and proudest achievements from working at Iwokrama
  • [20.02] How can businesses support conservation projects in indigenous communities?
  • [27.55] What Raquel would like people to learn about engaging indigenous communities in conservation and development.
  • [32.43] The impact of Covid-19 on Iwokrama
  • [35.50] Raquel’s favourite part of fieldwork
  • [37.49] The craziest thing that has happened to Raquel during fieldwork
  • [40.48] Advice for someone starting a career in conservation
  • [47.10] What keeps Raquel fighting to protect biodiversity, what gets her out of bed in the morning?
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