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World Water Day 2022 is on March 22nd so we thought we’d give you 10 easy ways to conserve water in your home. Not only does conserving water save you money on your bills each month but reducing waste and managing the amount we use helps to prevent pollution of water bodies and decrease the greenhouse gas emissions of the treatment and distribution facilities. Protecting our water helps to limit scarcity and promote sustainable living, meaning water conservation is important wherever you live.

1 | Only flush when you must

One of the biggest uses of water in the home is flushing the toilet. Limiting the number of times you flush the toilet each day can conserve huge amounts of water, so consider only flushing for a number two. If that doesn’t work for you, just avoid flushing random items down the toilet, only dispose of human waste and toilet paper.

2 | Take a quick shower instead of a bath

Showering can use half the amount of water that a bath uses, so long as you limit how long you are in there. Make sure you only stay in for as long as it takes to get clean and perhaps consider turning the water off when applying products or shaving.

3 | Turn the tap off while you brush

Brushing your teeth twice a day is extremely important, but it can use huge amounts of water if the tap is left running. So, just remember to turn it off!

4 | Run a fully loaded dishwasher

Now-a-days dishwashers are much more efficient and don’t require pre-washing.

You can save huge amounts of water by not rinsing your dishes and running a fully loaded dishwasher rather than handwashing.

5 | Save up your laundry

Resist the urge to do a load of washing when you only have a few items (no matter how dirty they are). Also consider not washing every item after only one wear, most of it can be worn more than once. Only put on full loads and, as an added bonus, wash it on a cold setting to save energy and money on bills.

6 | Collect your wastewater

Instead of throwing your wastewater down the sink, save it up and use it for other things. A half-drunk glass of water that been forgotten about doesn’t need to be thrown away, instead add it to your kettle and use it to make your next cup of tea. A left-over ice cube or the water used to cook your vegetables (once cooled) can be used to hydrate and nourish your house and garden plants.

7 | Fix your leak

A dripping tap, running toilet or leaky pipe can be responsible for the waste of a vast amount of water.

So, as soon as you spot the issues, make sure you get it fixed!

8 | Don’t leave your water to run

Running the tap until the water gets cold for a drink or leaving the shower going until it warms up wastes a lot of water. Consider keeping a jug of water in the fridge so you can get a refreshing drink without wastage. Putting a bucket in your shower while the water warms up saves at least some of that water which can then be used to water plants, wash your hands or manually flush the toilet.

9 | Early morning watering

Watering your plants in the morning when it’s still cool not only reduces the amount of water that you need to give them but is also really important for your plants’ health.

10 | Harvest your rainwater

Collecting your rainwater in a barrel, bucket or water butt is a fantastic method for conserving water in the garden. This water can be used for your plants, to top up your pond or to wash off muddy garden equipment, rather than using the hose.

Adopting all or even just a few of these simple habits can conserve lots of water, helping to save the planet and reduce your water bill.

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