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Kieran McCloskey

Impacts of marine noise - from individuals to communities

Ongoing at University of Exeter

Location: Honduras

Interest: Marine

Underwater soundscapes are being altered by human-generated noise throughout the world. This noise is derived from a variety of sources, including energy production, resource extraction and transportation. Consequently, international legislation recognises anthropogenic noise as a pollutant of global concern. However, while mounting evidence has demonstrated that anthropogenic noise can detrimentally affect the health, physiology and behaviour of aquatic life, it is often difficult to translate these effects into meaningful predictions about individual fitness, community- and population-level consequences. Through my research, I hope to utilise an integrated, bottom-up approach to explore how anthropogenic noise may be affecting aquatic organisms at the individual, community and population levels. Specifically, this work will include exploring the effects of noise on: the reproductive output and behaviour of individuals, social interaction and composition within communities, and predicted population-level patterns.

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