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Emma Camp


Emma Camp is a Ph.D. student at the University of Essex whose thesis topic is: Variability in Carbonate Chemistry and its Implications for Coral Biology and Resilience to Ocean Acidification. Emma is supervised by Professor David Smith and Dr. David Suggett at the Coral Reef Research Unit (CRRU, University of Essex). Emma is investigating the fundamental biology of coral species and how this information can inform management options for reef systems threatened by ocean acidification. Emma’s research has identified coastal areas that natural experience large variations in seawater pH but are still home to many coral species. The key research questions of the thesis therefore address how corals survive in such environments and whether or not these systems harbor species that are able to tolerate future ocean acidification or whether the systems buffer the impacts of acidification. The research findings will be placed in a management context and will inform future conservation strategies that are aimed at protecting these globally important ecosystems. To-date Emma has conducted research in the Cayman Islands, Brazil and the Seychelles. She is now conducting her final Ph.D data collection at the Op Wall site in Hoga.

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