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Transfer of Expedition to 2022

You can use the form below to change your existing booking of summer 2021 to 2022. By transferring your expedition to 2022, you will ensure you get the first choice of our expeditions as soon as our new brochure is made available in September 2021. It will also allow you to transfer your full deposit to next year with no fees involved. From January of the year of your current expedition, we do ask that you have paid at least 20% towards your total expedition cost before we transfer your place. Please bear in mind that if at any point you do then decide to cancel this deposit is non-refundable. You’ll essentially hold an ‘open’ expedition for the number of weeks you have currently booked and can choose your expedition when the brochure is released. At that point you have the option to choose a different length expedition, different location or even change to a dissertation if that is relevant to you. We sincerely hope to see you in the field next year!

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