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Country - Camp

Country - Camp

Welcome to the COUNTRY expedition training page!

This page is designed to help you get ready for your expedition, and contains a load of useful information and documentation regarding your upcoming project.

The managers for your expedition, who are responsible for running the project, are PERSON 1 (terrestrial) and PERSON 2 (marine).

If you’ve ever any questions about your expedition that aren’t covered on this page, please feel free to contact them directly at email@opwall.com or email@opwall.com. Any questions about non-expedition topics such as your booking or finance, please contact your local Opwall office instead.

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This page includes:

  • How you can prepare for your expedition
  • What you need to take
  • What to expect when you get to site

Download all documents on this page

Top 3 useful documents

Find more at the bottom of the page

Find out more in expedition resources!

Step 1: Give us your information!

There’s a large amount of information that we need to collect from you before your expedition, which we collect in through our online portal.

Step 2: Watch This Training Presentation

We’ve produced the following presentation as an in-depth guide to your project, that goes over your expedition, how to prepare and what to expect.

Step 3: Sort out your kit

The kit you take out on expedition can be one of the most important things that you have to sort out before you go, and it’s very important that you have everything that we recommend – if you don’t then it really might impact the time you spend on site and how comfortable you are.

Don’t forget you may also need a PADI Pack if you’re going to be learning to dive. You can buy these through one of our partners here: https://divematerials.com/

We’ve produced a video that you can watch to talk you through the kit list, and a downloadable version that you can choose as a checklist, both below.

Download a comprehensive kit checklist!

Worried about Health and Safety?

Operation Wallacea has a health and safety record that we’re very proud of. If you want a bit more information about that side of your expedition, you can find a presentation below that goes over the most frequent concerns, then you can also find documentation such as risk assessments in the expedition resources.

If you’ve got any questions about anything with regards to health and safety just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer them.


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