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Nathan Adams

Malta Office Manager

Nathan joined his first Operation Wallacea expedition to Indonesia as a Research Assistant in 2011. He has returned to Indonesia on numerous occasions as a bat scientist and has since coauthored bat biodiversity guides and a scientific paper (Lowland rainforest bat communities of Buton Island, Southeast Sulawesi, including new regional records).

A Rotary International Scholar and University of Toronto Master of Environmental Science graduate, Nathan is also a Senior Project Officer at the United Nations Association in Canada and has also interned at the Canadian Federal Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development to address issues related to Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change.

Nathan’s unique experience in addressing wildlife conservation issues within Indonesian tropical rainforests, the Small Island State of Malta and Canada has exposed him to Environmental Protection and Climate Action from different angles and cultural norms. Having organized expeditions for over 250 Maltese and Gozitan students and members of ENGOs, Nathan is passionate about his work with Operation Wallacea and aims to motivate young scientists to join wildlife conservation research expeditions worldwide. Operation Wallacea Malta provides Sixth Form, Secondary School, University students and ENGOs with the life-changing opportunity to apply concepts of their science material with professional scientists at biodiversity hotspots across the world.

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