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Joe England

Travel Consultant and Fiji Project Manager

Joe was being shown birds when he was in the pram and to appease his dad, feigned interest for years. Unfortunately, he pretended for so long that he ended up fooling himself. Joes first exposure to Opwall was with DICE, conducting his dissertation research in Peru during the 2015 expedition. After graduating from his Wildlife Conservation BSc, he moved from post to post working in behavioural ecology, practical conservation and social science all over the world. His true fascination lies in observing and trying to understand species interactions with one another and their ecosystem. Joe has been the ornithologist for the Fiji expedition since its first year in 2017, where he found his latest avian infatuation, the Natewa Silktail. In 2020, Joe joined the office as the Fiji project manager and travel assistant. Has a love for art, photography and hats.

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