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Dr Heather Gilbert

African Research Manager

Heather has been working in conservation biology ever since she ran away to a Costa Rican jungle following the completion of her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Nottingham in 2013. During this time Heather has worked on a variety of different biodiversity projects around the world, leading student groups to research birds, jaguars, monkeys and elephants – depending on the location! Recently, Heather has focussed her research on large mammal behaviour and ecology, and so now oversees the research and logistics of the African projects.


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Gilbert HJ & Bradley A (2015). Using avian diversity as a measure of megafauna reintroduction into montane evergreen forest. International Ornithological Congress of South East Asia.

Gilbert HJ, Shackleton K, Coupland C, M Muniz-Barreto & M Leotta (2014). Effect of boat traffic on canal bird presence within Tortuguero National Park. IV Congreso Mesoamericano de Áreas Protegidas.

Gilbert HJ, Park M & M Leotta (2014). Comparison of Biodiversity Assessment Techniques in Tortuguero National Park. IV Congreso Mesoamericano de Áreas Protegidas.

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