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Pre-expedition planning

  • Information Collection

    In November/December before the expedition starts the teacher will need to check that all the students have passports with more than 6 months left on them before the return date of the expedition (if not they need to order replacements immediately). In addition, the teacher will need to check that all students have the required vaccinations for their country of visit. Each of the school group participants will be sent a password so they can log into our online database and enter their own personal details (passport numbers, nationality, passport expiry, health issues, dietary issues etc). If the group is diving the PADI forms (health, assumption of risks and liability forms) will need to be completed by the students and signed by their parents (and doctors if necessary). These forms will need to be submitted ahead of the expedition. The originals of the forms are retained by the teacher and taken into the field with them.

    Opwall Portal
  • Expedition Preparation

    A few months before your expedition Opwall will email the lead teacher for each group, a link to a webpage that has a kit list video to help the students take the right equipment, a webinar recorded PowerPoint presentation that gives details of exactly what the students will be doing and the facilities at each camp and links to various additional information pages on the Opwall website. This email and the links can then be forwarded to all the group participants so they and their parents can study it at their leisure. Once all group members have been through this information, it is then a good idea to organize an evening meeting with all the students and their parents so that they can have a Skype video conversation with the Opwall Country Manager for the expedition to clarify any remaining issues.

    Your group may also want to consider some extra training, first aid courses or team-building activities before heading out on expedition. Below are a few ideas to get you on your way.

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