Booking travel and Insurance

Please read each of the sections below carefully. They provide important information about your Operation Wallacea expedition. Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Operation Wallacea office.

  • Opwall can arrange all expedition travel, or you can book your own international flights
  • All expeditions include medical insurance up to £1 million for all participants

International Flights

  •   Packaged School Groups

    School groups that have chosen a fully inclusive expedition package do not need to book international flights or internal travel. Operation Wallacea will be in contact with the group leader directly and will provide you with a fully inclusive quote for your international flights, internal travel and expedition costs.

      Non-Packaged School Groups

    Schools also have the option of having Opwall search for the best flight deal for the group and once the school group leader has approved the purchase, the tickets are then bought by Opwall at cost on behalf of the school.  A flight booking fee per person is charged for this approach.  Details of the flights for the group will be entered onto the portal by the Opwall staff booking the flights.

    Alternatively, if the school has reliable travel partners then they can book the flights themselves and just pay Opwall for the expedition and internal travel costs. Under this scenario the group leader needs to enter the flight details through the Opwall portal and email a copy of the itinerary or E-ticket to

    If you are booking your own international flights departing from a country other than the US, then we recommend that you contact the following air suppliers who are all familiar with the Operation Wallacea expedition programme and will be able to provide you with a competitive quote.

    Travel Nation
    Tel: 01273 964 034

    STA Travel
    Tel: 0161 667 0083

    When you have booked and confirmed your flights you should add all the details to the Opwall portal and email a copy of your itinerary or E-ticket to

    In-country travel between airports and the expedition start and end points will be arranged by the Opwall Travel Team and is not included in your expedition cost.

    When you have confirmed the details of your international flights you will receive a quote for your internal travel package, which will include airport meet and greet, any required travel and accommodation, as well as full Opwall representation.


    Canadian school groups have the travel and expedition packaged together through Victor Travel (, Tel: 1-866-699-0199).

Medical and Travel Insurance

  • Opwall expedition costs include medical and repatriation insurance up to £1 million for all participants. This is provided by Cover-More, a global company insuring more than a million travellers every year. The medical and repatriation insurance provided by Opwall also covers travel to and from the expedition site.

    In addition to this medical and repatriation cover provided by Opwall, it is a condition of your booking that you have insurance to cover the following items (note that many schools already have a travel insurance policy in place through their education authority):

    • An existing medical condition that may be exacerbated by the expedition and require additional medical treatment in hospital, other than that provided by the Opwall medical staff in the field, or repatriation in severe cases. The Opwall medical and evacuation cover will not cover the costs of this additional medical treatment and evacuation. For pre-existing medical conditions specialist insurance cover can be obtained from Cover-More.
    • Cancellation of the expedition and flights because of illness or injury to you or a close family member, call for jury duty or other insured conditions making it impossible to reach the departure point for the trip.
    • Cost of re-booking connecting flights, boat or overland transfers to the start and from the finish points of the expedition in the event of delays to connecting flights, overland transfers, ferries or buses because of mechanical breakdown of transport or adverse weather conditions, strikes, industrial action, riot or civil commotion, bomb scares, criminal or terrorist acts, etc.
    • Loss of personal baggage, clothing or items such as cameras or electronic items or the costs of having to buy replacement items if baggage is delayed.

    UK residents can purchase a ‘Top-Up’ travel insurance policy from Cover-More to cover additional benefits such as cancellation and baggage by contacting the Customer Service team at Cover-More Insurance Services on 01245 272408 quoting reference CMU0009.

    Canadian volunteers have all the travel insurance elements described above included in the package provided by Victor Travel.

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