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US University Course Credit

US University Course Credit

In the US university system students pay for each of the college credits and the costs of these credits vary enormously depending on whether you are in-state or out of state and at a public or a private university.  On average at an in state public university each credit costs around $325 but at a private university the cost is $1039 – see student loan hero here

At a top Ivy League University (eg Harvard, Yale, Princeton) the costs per credit can exceed $2000. You can sign up for university course credit as part of your Opwall expedition and gain three course credits which means you save on buying those three credits as part of your university course.  The savings by doing this can be enormous and indeed if you are heading for a top Ivy League University the amount saved by completing these credits as part of the expedition can make your whole expedition effectively free of charge!

See the Shasta College website by clicking the link below for more details of how to apply and the list of states where high school students can apply.

Course credit topics including:

  • Field Biology
  • Natural History of the Neotropics
  • Coastal Marine Sciences

Visit the Shasta College website

Cal State/UCal option

  • OpwallHondurasDaveSmith


    Shasta College in Redding, California have 3 different options for how to get course credits, these include:

    • BIOL 12 – Field Biology – a 3 credit online/field course, applicable to ALL Opwall expedition locations
    • NHIS 5 – Natural History of the Neotropics – a 3 credit online/field course if the expedition is on the American continent
    • ESCI 16 – Coastal Marine Sciences – a 2 credit online/field course for those doing an all marine expedition

    These courses involves some pre and post expedition web-presented (online) course work that includes:

    • Readings
    • Assignments
    • Quizzes
    • Keeping and submitting a field journal
    • Submitting a final presentation
    • An assessment of student performance in the field.

    The courses are fully transferable in the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems and are usually transferable to universities in all states as well (check with your institution).

  • OpwallHondurasBenSadd


    For ALL high school students, (those who will still be at high school at the end of the expedition) whether California residents or not, these 3 transferable credits cost only $32.50 for college fees, since tuition is waived for high school students! The savings in not having to buy these credits at college vary from $950 if you are heading for a state university to over $6000 if you are heading for an Ivy League University.

    High school students in some states do not allow students to register for online courses delivered by institutions outside the state unless they are part of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) and California has at this stage not joined SARA. However, there are still 25+ states and all countries outside the US where this credit can be developed (see the Shasta College website here for details of how to apply and the list of states where high school students can apply).
    *Note if you are a high school student outside the US and wanting to come to a US university then you can purchase the 3 credits for $32.50.

    If you are a College/university student with California residency you can register for the courses for around $170. Out of state college/university students would have to pay approximately $850 for the 3 transferable credits.  The advantages of signing up for this course are that you are much better prepared for the research projects you will be involved with and, of course, you will be earning transferable course credits for your Opwall experience at a much lower cost than at most universities.

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