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Personal and Interpersonal Development

Personal and Interpersonal Development

School students going on an Opwall Expedition encounter many challenges and develop new skills and this experience can be harnessed to help complete a more formal assessment of their personal and interpersonal development. These assessments lead to a wide range of awards which can often be important in applying for a job or University.

Their experience will of course vary between each expedition site although they all have much in common.  The experience starts well before the actual 2 week expedition and many students are fully involved in planning and for many, fundraising to help to pay for their expedition.

There are many schemes which aim to identify and catalogue this experience and recognize this in developing personal and interpersonal development. The criteria will vary  between each educational system although they all have much in common.

Criteria most commonly used for Personal and Interpersonal Development.

  • Communication
  • Team work/working with others
  • Self-management
  • Planning and organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Initiative and enterprise
  • Leaning new skills
  • Technology

How can the expedition experience be used?

The following is a snapshot of what a student might experience in the lead up to their expedition and their first week in the cloud forests of Honduras (Cusuco National Park).  Although it leaves out the fine personal detail it will hopefully give an insight into how the skills above might apply.

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