Online live interviews with wildlife experts and biologists

Suitable for students of any age

  • Gaining first hand experiences of countries other than your own is difficult for school students unless they have wealthy parents and regular foreign holidays. Even foreign holidays don’t always give contact with local communities and can be hotel or resort based.

    Opwall has a team of experienced field biologists who have worked in biodiversity research and conservation all over the world, including far flung sites in the Pacific Islands, Amazonia, Central America and Indonesia. These wildlife experts work closely with local communities to better understand the unique challenges they face living alongside, and depending upon, ecosystems such as tropical rainforests, cloud forests and coral reefs. This is an opportunity for students to be able to speak directly to these experts on a livestream feed and ask them questions.

    Each session will begin with a short talk about the expert’s work, full of exciting photographs and videos. There are no limits to the number of students who can attend and we will send information in advance so the children can complete some background research into the wildlife, habitats and the study sites their chosen expert works in. The dates for the live interviews are pre-arranged and questions can be submitted in advance by students or asked live during the interview.

    The costs for the interview is £100 (+VAT).  A copy of the Zoom invitation for the live chat will be sent to the teacher and they can be circulated to all pupils whether at home or in class in advance. That will enable pupils time to complete some project work on the selected country ahead of the interview.

  • Dan_Exton

    Dr Dan Exton - Tropical Marine Biologist

    Dan is our Head of Research and an honorary lecturer at the University of Essex. He has been studying coral reefs for 15 years, and specialises in a broad range of topics including fisheries management, coral reef ecology and human impacts to tropical marine ecosystems. He has worked extensively throughout the tropics including Indonesia, Honduras and Cuba, and is a very experienced SCUBA diver.

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  • Kathy-at-Calakmul-1

    Dr Kathy Slater - Primatologist

    Kathy is originally from London but now lives in Mexico close to her main study site in the rainforest of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. Although she studies lots of different types of animals living in the forest, her main passion is the local population of spider monkeys and she specialises in trying to better understand their fascinating behaviours.

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  • tom_martin

    Dr Tom Martin - Onithologist

    Tom has worked all over the world, from the rainforests of Indonesia and Central America to the grasslands of Central Asia. He is an expert in most animals found in tropical rainforests, but in particular is a passionate ornithologist and is full of fascinating stories about the birds of the world and the people he’s worked with.

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